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John Arvin Revolutionary War Powder Horn

John Arvin powder horn engraved; John Arvin August 30th, 1777. John was a soldier during the Revolutionary War and after discharge served as a Minuteman Ranger from Lunenburg County, VA.  During the Revolutionary War he served under Colonel Mordecai Buckner (Feb 1776 to Feb 1777) and under Colonel John Gibson  (Feb 1777 to time of discharge Feb. 1778).

He fought with the 6th Virginia Regiment at Trenton (Dec. 1776), Battle of Princeton (Jan. 1777), Brandywine Creek

(Sept. 1777) , Germantown (Oct. 1777), and he wintered with General Washington's Army at Valley Forge (1777 - 1778).

In 1781, when Lt. Colonel Tarleton of the British forces made his raid through Virginia, John Arvin, as a Minuteman Ranger from Lunenburg County, Virginia, joined Marquis de Lafayette's independent force at Richmond, Virginia. He fought through that encounter to participate in a squrmish north of Charlottesville, Virginia.

On Monday, June 4th, 1781, John was wounded at Secretary's Ford near Charlottesville, Virginia. He returned home to his wife Mary, but he never recovered and 1882 died from his wound. (Note: The name John Pierce was a later addition to the powder horn by a relative of the Arvin Family.)

The John Arvin Powder Horn is a wonderful document that was owned by a true American patriot who most likely engraved and probably made his powder horn while camped in Delaware with General Washington's Army. (On August 30th, 1777 (date on the powder horn) - John was camped north of Wilmington waiting for the Battle of Brandywine Station).