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Fine English flintlock pistol made by Wilson for London. Beautifully engraved tang and trigger guard with a silver inlay around the breech of the barrel. The original handmade flintlock has perhaps the most beautiful flint cock every found on a early English pistol. 

This is an outstanding English flintlock pistol made by perhaps the most famous of all the English gunsmith families.


English Flintlock pistol by Wilson, London.

Pistolsgave the frontiersman and the soldier a second layer of protection in combat. Pistol ownership was a lot less common than the ownership of a shoulder arm therefore the American made flintlock pistol is found in limited numbers. Finding a pistol with a history of ownership especially one used in battle or in a  war is extremely difficult making such a fine very desirable.


American Pistol stocked in maple using a very early re-cycled Richard Wilson barrel and a original hand forged American flintlock.

The pistol descended through the William Dyer Family in Augusta County, Virginia and has the initials WD engraved in script on the wrist inlay.

William served at the Battle of Point Pleasant in 1774 under General Andrew Lewis.

A complete history of William Dyer and his  flintlock pistol is available.


American Made Flintlock Carried by William Dyer

Pair of Irish flintlock pistols made by Thomas Fowler  in Dublin. 

Beautiful pair of Irish flintlock pistols by Fowler of Dublin.  Superb lock with a very nice flint cock to accent the handmade lock. Overall Length is 8". Silver inlay on the bottom of the grips that a nicely checkered.  This pair of scares Irish pistols are in excellent condition.


Pair of Flintlock Pistols made by Jas. Wilkinson and Son, London

Very fine pair of engraved English flintlock pistols by Jas. Wilkinson and Son, London a well known 18th century father and son gunsmith team. Each flintlock has an applied folding rod that was for use unscrewing the barrel. This pair has folding triggers and a safety lock for locking absolutely beautiful flintlock cocks. Original flint. 8" overall length.

This is a beautiful matching pair of flintlock pistols that are in excellent condition that would be a wonderful addition to any collection.


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