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Shell Death Mask  from Smith County, VA   2 1/2" W x 2 3/4" T

Genuine .... $875.00

Strike- a - Light bag for flint and steel. Beautiful bead work with colorful design and iron cone tinkler and deer bone decoration. Leather back is believed to be deer hide  from the Sioux Nation. This beaded bag is a neat Native American collectible and excellent condition.


Wonderful original red pipestone or "Catlinite," Native American Peace Pipe with original stem was hand carved by the Lakota Tribe of the Sioux Nation. These pipes were smoked with the belief that the smoke carried prayers to the attention of the powerful spirits. Lakota tradition tells that White Buffalo Calf Woman brought the c'anupa (Lakota sacred pipe) to the people, and instructed them in its symbolism and ceremonies. The Native Americans smoked Catlinite pipes prior to battle as much as our soldiers participate in prayer to ask for safe return through divine intervention. This pipe is a large ceremonial pipe with a simple design that provided an elegant look when connected to the stem.  From the period of western conflict during the US - Native American wars of  the 1870's.


Pair of unique Native American legging strips from the Sioux Nation. Wonderful beaded design form the period of Custer's Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876 with the Sioux tribes.  These leggings have had considerable use on the American frontier as the US government struggled with the restless Native Americans in the west! Original condition showing period use.


Haft and Stone 22" long Plus 20" of leather and tail.

Stone War club decorated with beautiful bead work, horse hide and horse hair. The club was purchased by Colonel Ashley L. Baker 1892.

Sitting Bull was a Hunkpapa Lakota holy man that had a prophet vision about fighting US soldiers. Three week later his inspiration to his people led to their victory over the 7th Cavalry under Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer on June 25, 1876,. After working as a performer with Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, Sitting Bull returned to the Standing Rock Agency in South Dakota and was killed by US Indian agent because the US feared he would again inspire his people to war.

A wonderful piece of Americana once owned by a colorful Native American who believed in the cause of his people yet embraced the color of performing in a Wild West Shows to entertain the American people.


Stone Gorget from Smith County,VA  

3 1/8"

Genuine . $250.00

9" x 13 1/2"

Stone Ax from Garrett Farm, on the Rappahannock River, Caroline Co, VA. 2 1/2"               Genuine  ....  $125.00

Beaded Native American Flint Bag ca 1890

Stone War Club belonging to Sitting Bull

Native American Catlinite Pipe attributed to the Lakota Tribe. ca 1870

Genuine Native American Artifacts are among the most highly sort after artifacts as these treasures provide the collector the only tangible documents from this important period in the development of America. To assist the collector in navigating the authenticity of Native American artifact, I list my artifact with one of three descriptions. (1) Genuine - Meaning a 100% guaranteed as described. (2) Provenance Unknown - Meaning the artifact has the appearance of being genuine but the age and history is unknown and the buyer must make their own judgment. (3) Contemporary - Known to be modern made.

Bird Stone from old Augusta County, VA Collection reportedly found in Illinois. 3 3/4"       Reported as having come from the Townsend Collection. Provenance Unknown ... $3,500.00

Stone Ax from Garrett Farm, on the Rappahannock River, Caroline Co, VA. 2 1/2"              Genuine ...... $125.00

4 1/2" x  9 1/2"

Native American Artifacts

Beaded Native American Leggings ca 1870

Stone Pipe  from Smith County, VA      4"    

Genuine .... $2,800.00

Bowl 4" x 8" and the Stem 20"