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Longrifles are a unique and highly sort after firearm with examples, in collections, that predates the French and Indian War. Lord Dunmore, Colonel Governor of Virginia, after encountering the Virginia Rifleman in battle just prior to the Revolutionary War, was quoted by Edmund Pendleton, Chairman of the Colonial Virginia Committee of Safety, as saying; “the Virginians with their longrifles are America’s greatest asset". Longerifles are still made, today. Contemporary longrifle artists are creating longrifles that are truly pieces of art.  Longrifles from all periods are  highly collectible.

Very scarce J Crummey longrifle made in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This longrifle has a beautiful engraved patchbox. On the cheek side there are fancy silver inlays and excellent relief carving. It has a 43" barrel and the lock has been professionally and correctly reconverted to a flintlock. This is a fine example of a beautiful relief carved Shenandoah Valley longrifle made in the early 19th century.


Frederick Wassmann Rifle ca 1860

J Crummey Longrifle, Harrisonburg, VA.

Frederick Wassmann (Gunsmith 1854 - 1887) Deluxe Engraved Single Shot Percussion Rifls. This is one of the rarest Single Shot percussion sporting / target rifles every found. Frederick Wassmann operated a gunsmith shop at 902 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC for more than 20 years.

Frederick Wassmann was a German immigrant that came to America before the Civil War and set up shop in the Georgetown district of Washington D.C. He was noted for fine craftsmanship and produced a very limited number of high quality rifles.

The rifle is stocked in American walnut with double set triggers and has a .44 cal bore. It is wonderfully balanced and lines up perfectly to the shoulder. The heavy octagon barrel measures 23 1/8" long and is 1 1/8" wide across the flats. There is no provision for a rear sight, and the globe front sight is a replacement. A beautiful and original turned lollipop tang sight is fitted, featuring a 1 1/2" wide aperture. The left barrel flat is stamped "F. WASSMANN / WASHINGTON D.C.".

The lock, breech, and furniture are elaborately engraved throughout. The barrel and furniture have turned a very pleasing smooth dark plum patina, while the case colored lock and barrel tang have faded to silvery/brown. The engraving remains very crisp overall. The stock features a checkered wrist with a large cheekpiece. The wood shows it's untouched original piano finish and is excellent overall showing little to no marring. Aside from a very tight 1 1/4" crack between the barrel tang and lock, and a 1/2" check between the tip of the trigger guard and palm rest escutcheon, there are no additional cracks, chips, or repairs. Sharply curved, massive buttplate and toeplate with elaborate Schuetzen style trigger guard. Engraved wedge escutcheons, iron forend cap, and palm rest fitting under the forestock. The action and double set triggers both are crisp and function absolutely flawlessly. The rifle weighs 11 lbs.

This is a very rare and unusual American rifle that will be a highlight and conversation piece to any antique arms collection