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American Bayonet

Rare - Pair F & I War American Forged Tomahawks

American silver hilt short sword with original scabbard from the Revolutionary War period. The beautiful silver hilt show only minor wear from carrying with most all of the original design remaining.The blade is excellent condition. The scabbard has silver mounts.


American Silver Hilt Short Sword

Possibly the only pair of forged French and Indian War spike tomahawk known. One found in Augusta County, Virginia and the other found in Alabama.  Great design and forging with file work. No doubt these were made by the same American blacksmith.

Offered as a pair only $5,800

Revolutionary War period American blacksmith forged bayonet for large bore colonial musket.                  18" blade 


Overall 17 3/4"  with 12" blade

Edge Weapons - Knives, Tomahawks,  Spontoons, Swords, Bayonets and Axes were the personal weapons and tools most used by militiamen, the Native Americans and the frontier men, women and children. The Native Americans referred to the frontiersmen as having the "Longknife". Edge weapons were traded freely on the frontier and were second only to the firearms as a weapon of choice during hostile encounters. Edge weapons were in such demand on the frontier that importation from Europe could not keep up with the demand.  American blacksmiths built blacksmith shops westward as the land opened to settlement to meet the demand. These highly skilled craftsman provided and traded both utilitarian and ornamental edge weapons to the frontiersmen, the militiamen and the Native Americans. Today, both European and American made period edge weapons are highly sort after collectibles and the contemporary artists are creating beautiful collectibles just as the blacksmith did hundreds of years ago. You will find both antique and contemporary edge weapons listed.