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19th Century pin cushion made for cow horn with cloth pug and a applied cloth band. Found in Albemarle County, VA.  10" across......14" around the curve.


Original Paintings by Sidney King, Caroline County, VA

Cow Horn Pin Cushion

Engraved brass sundial with a forged iron gnomon dated 1709 (1708 Redeemy tyme .... Redeeming the Time is a phrase synonymous with time stewardship).  Found in the 1970's in the Williamsburg, VA area by Jon Laubach, retired gunsmith from Colonial Williamsburg Gunshop (letter available from Jon). This sundial is believed to have been made at Williamsburg as it is calibrated for time on the east coast of America. While there is no direct link of this sundial to Governor Francis Nicholson, we do know that he was interested in education, sundials and was very supportive of the founding of William and Mary College to which he donated a large sundial.

This is a rare colonial Virginia artifact with a solid Virginia history.


In 1975, Gordon Barlow commissioned Sidney King, of Caroline County, Virginia to paint two original watercolors relating to the Revolutionary War for his Revolutionary War exhibit held by the Virginia Arms Collectors Association at the old John Marshall Hotel in Richmond, Virginia. The display won best of show in 1976. The watercolors are archival mounted and framed using non-glare UV protection glass and matted with the traditional red, white and blue  for the 1976 Revolutionary War Bicentennial .

                                                                            $1,000 each or $1,800 for the pair.

Sundial from Williamsburg, VA - Dated 1709

Molly Pitcher, Morristown, NJ 1779   Watercolor  size 15" x 23"

Frame   23 1/2 x 31 1/2

Watercolor at Trenton, 1776 

Watercolor size  15" x 23"

Frame 23 1/2" x  31 1/2"

Americana includes a wide range of decorative art that reflects changes in our domestic life and design in America. Americana includes creation of paintings, pencil drawings, pottery, quillwork, embroidery, tapestry, rugs, clothing, leather, finger weaving, jewelry, wood carvings, furniture, iron, furniture and more.