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Offered for sale is one of Lally House's

finest pieces of

quill / mouse hair embroidery.

Quality work like this is rarely offered for sale.

Lally put her heart into making this historically correct work of art.


Oil painting by Nellie McArnold, probably from Shenandoah County, Virginia dated 1899. According John  Heatwole, of Swoope, Virginia, Nellie McArnold is known to have  painted for her own pleasure and for the pleasure of her friends. She did not appear to be a prolific painter but rather an artist that enjoyed painting during her time of solitude along the Shenandoah River and about the farms and mountains of the Shenandoah Valley. Her work while not widely published can be found, from time to time, in early family homes in the Shenandoah Valley.

Nellie McArnold mastered the art of oil on canvas bring us detail paintings with warm color and masterful depth of field.

Unframed the painting measures 12" x 18"


Woodlands Hunting Bag by Lally House, Woodbury, KY

This bag was commissioned by Charlie Kaufmann’s wife, Joyce, in 2008. Joyce wanted a quillwork bag by Lally House with a women’s theme. Lally had never made one with a focus on Native American women’s activities before, but was delighted with the idea. She decided on the “Three Sisters” theme in which corn, beans, and squash were planted in the same mound and protected each other. The front of the bag shows two scenes depicting this.

The bag is made of brain-tanned deer hide, which is very soft. Most of the embroidery is done with porcupine quills, and there are moose hair accents, such as the eggs in the bird’s nest in the tree. All of the quills and moose hair are colored using natural dyes and traditional Native American methods. The inside of the bag is lined with a soft woven cotton fabric.

The bag measures 7 inches wide by 11-1/4 inches high. The braided quill strap is 20 inches long. In April 2009 it was featured in an article in Muzzle Blasts magazine, and it appears on both the front and back covers of that issue. This is a fine example of Lally’s work and would be a wonderful purchase in of itself or a unique gift for a significant other.

1899 Oil Painting by